PLACES: Elgin overnight at Old Mac Daddy

exterior_2.jpg What joy to wake to a view of apple orchards cloaked in mist in the beautiful Elgin Valley. We were invited for an overnight stay in a vintage trailer free of our little guy, which meant the rare chance to sleep in. My man was excited because it was his birthday. And I’d waited 403 days for the luxury of having an entire night off – thanks for babysitting granny!

We were camping. Kindof. A year ago the Daddy Group cleared some pines on a hillside and set up a stylish trailer park. At Old Mac Daddy – think ‘had a farm, hee hi hee hi ho’ - vintage Airstream trailers were adapted to each hilly site, with a permanent wooden bathroom, lounge and deck attached. It’s peaceful in that country way where the wind whistles through the trees, birds tweet and tractors whine in the distance. This is a luxury trailor park with respect for country values, hence rooms have no iPods or TVs and phones only work in the barn designed to emulate an apple shed where meals are served. The apple shed picks up Wi-fi and guests are given a complimentary 20MB daily – how I posted this blog… 188-.jpg

Like the original Grand Daddy hotel in Long Street with trailers on the roof, each Elgin trailor interior was decorated by a local artist. Our neighbouring trailor had yellow-and-black bumblebees, while a couple we chatted to at dinner stayed in a pink-and-mirrored Mills & Boons romance novel theme. Our caravan was deep green with exotic foliage and flowers painstakingly painted on to the walls, ceiling and even light fittings.

French Post-Impressionist Henri Rousseau’s ‘The Dream’ inspired the design, and it seemed to suit the woodsy theme when you looked out the rectangular windows. My man thought it was pretty cool to wake up to find a naked woman lying on the couch – even if it was a stuffed pillow! 193-.jpg

Each trailor unit sleeps 2 adults inside, and the bedroom is comfy in a squashed camping sort of way. Towels, biodegradable soaps and shampoos, coffee facilities and a retro fifties Smeg bar fridge with a mini-bar are provided. Clever contemporary furniture and surfaces are used – the shower wall is coated corrugated iron, for instance. And a custom-made L-shaped couch becomes two single beds, if two children come along. On that note, campcots can be supplied for babies and breakfast is included. The apple shed offers a casual restaurant with a pizza oven for mealtimes. We’ll definitely be back for a return visit.

R675 per two-adult trailor suite per weeknight, R975 per two-adult suite on Fri or Sat. R175 per child over two. From 10 December R750 per two-adult trailor suite per weeknight, R1200 per two-adult suite on Fri or Sat.

OLD MAC DADDY, Valley Road, Elgin. Old Mac Daddy